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Heritage is “our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations.” A heritage is something that is, or should be, passed from generation to generation because it is valued. Concept of Digital Heritage The idea of cultural heritage is a familiar one: those sites, objects and intangible things that have cultural, historical, aesthetic, archaeological, scientific, ethnological or anthropological value to groups and individuals. The concept of natural heritage is also very familiar: physical, biological, and geological features; habitats of plants or animal species and areas of value on scientific or aesthetic grounds or from the point of view of conservation.


This project aims to bring alive over 500 years of history through various media, ranging from interactive 3D models, high definition 3D scanning with an interpretation of significant sites within Fraserburgh. The project was commissioned by Aberdeenshire Council through Fraserburgh 2021 Town Centre Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme with the aim of engaging local residents and visitors, enhancing tourism and economic development in the area, and supported by funds from Aberdeenshire Council, Historic Environment Scotland and The National Lottery Heritage Fund.


“Digital heritage is made up of computer-based materials of enduring value that should be kept for future generations. Digital heritage emanates from different communities, industries, sectors and regions. Not all digital materials are of enduring value, but those that are require active preservation approaches if continuity of digital heritage is to be maintained.” UNESCO, 2020 Our approach to Digital Heritage for “Footsteps through Fraserburgh” involves the application of novel methodologies for the combination of heritage information; we apply 3D data capturing and analysis (3D scanning) of existing buildings, structures and artefacts for the development and production of a multi-modal experience of the path. This is enhanced with the integration of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies for the visitors to immerse into the environment.

The Team

The team has very extensive experience on projects related to cultural and historic heritage, visualisations, public engagement, stakeholders’ involvement and collaborations management. Within that track record, the team has been involved with projects concerning aspects of the built heritage, often working in collaboration with local authorities in the north of Scotland, and this work has frequently involved the combined use of Digital technologies and public engagement/ participation.

The project team has been involved with and undertaken extensive and innovative studies which concentrated on townscapes (Elgin and Aberdeen), archaeological ruins (Ballater) and industrial sites (Oban and Aberdeen), and in all cases found that the combined use of technology with public engagement resulted in studies which delivered not only practical (digital) outputs, but which also managed to enhance the extent to which stakeholders felt able to engage with the subject matter.

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Dr Marianthi Leon

Team lead - Expert on Digital Asset Management


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Professor Richard Laing

Expert on Built Environment Visualisation and participatory design


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Dr Theo Dounas

Expert on Digital Architecture and Virtual Reality


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Dr Yang Jiang

Expert on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality applications

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Fay Stables

Research Assistant, Architecture Graduate


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Christina Moir

Research Assistant, Demonstrator, Computer Science Graduate.


Credit to :

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Michael Hamish Glen


Michael ran a respected heritage interpretation consultancy for many years. More recently has concentrated on creative writing for a variety of media at sites of natural and cultural heritage. Apart from conventional prose, his record of commissions includes poetic and contemplative text, some displayed as public art.

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Lianne Robertson


A native Brocher, Lianne has worked as a professional actor and model on short and feature-length films and in commercials with brands such as Trespass, The Famous Grouse, Gala Bingo, Nintendo and Go Outdoors. She also heads up the UK’s only dedicated expo for professional performers which runs annually in London. Lianne describes herself as an outdoors girl and animal lover with a passion for adventure and travel, blogging about her journeys in Asia and South America.

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Fraserburgh Heritage Society

Fraserburgh Development Trust

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses

Aberdeenshire Council Museums Service